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On January 17-18, China Huarong held its 2020 Work Conference in Beijing.
On October 16, 2019, China Huarong held a conference to celebrate its 20th founding anniversary with the theme ‘New Era, New Huarong, New Journey’.
On August 8-9, China Huarong held its 2019 mid-Year work conference and campaign promotion meeting themed "staying true to our founding mission”. Based on the overall requirements of "remaining true to our original aspiration, bearing more responsibility, finding out where one lags behind and assuring implementation", the conference summarized the business performance of the first half of the year, analyzed the current external and internal situation and set out work objectives for the second half of the year.
With the strong support from the relevant authorities and regulators, China Huarong (the “Company” or “Huarong”) successfully priced its US$1.9bn offshore senior bond offering on May 23. It is the Company’s largest offshore financing in the last 2 years and the largest USD bond offering at the lowest cost by a Chinese asset management company since February 2018. In addition, it is the largest USD bond offering in Asia ex-Japan by a financial institution and the largest USD bond offering by a Chinese state-owned enterprise since September 2018.
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Distressed asset management is the foundation of our products and businesses. We apply different operational and managemen…Distressed asset management is the foundation of our products and businesses. We apply different operational and managemen…
By leveraging our multiple financial licenses, we provide our clients with flexible, customized and diversified financing channels a…
Supported by capital, customer and technical advantages accumulated from our distressed asset management business and fina…
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